Attention Teachers!

Being FrankA Goodreads review of Being Frank by Suzan Rodgers:

“As a 31 year veteran teaching grades 1-5, I find this book to be a “top-notch” teaching tool full of teachable moments whether used in the classroom or with your own children. To begin with a “picture walk” for interactive read-aloud, the vivid illustrations are quickly engaging making the reader eager to begin the book. There is a rich vocabulary and many literary elements of story that make this book an excellent teaching tool for “mini-lessons” for Readers Workshop such as character analysis, plot (was there a problem/solution),making predictions using context clues, along with making inferences and connections to what they already know. Young readers will then be able to use their meta-cognitive strategies to focus on one of the most difficult literary elements for young readers – author’s purpose. The author used Frank to “teach a lesson”. Upon analyzing what the lesson was, young readers are able to “read between the lines” and add this to their background knowledge. Drawing upon my personal experience as a teacher, young readers would be so eager “to act out” this book for Reader’s Theatre. The author of this book is to be commended for the use of the many literary elements used to teach and enhance literacy for young readers !!! This is a “must-have”!!!”

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