“…a perfect book for this LONG winter…”

Ms. Eileen of the Richmond Memorial Library in Marlborough, CT recommended Pobble’s Way on her blog, StorytimeRML.

Today’s pick is a picture book called Pobble’s Way by Simon Van Booy. Pobble and her father set out for a walk in the winter woods and play a fun game along the way. Winter mushrooms on a tree must be ‘frog umbrellas’ decides Pobble, and a lost feather becomes a ‘tickle stick!’ Little do they know that when Pobble drops her fluffy pink mitten, the woodland animals play a game of their own. Owl decides the mitten is a ‘wing warmer’ while Duck is sure it is a ‘fish coat.’

Ms. Eileen continues:

You would think the illustrations would include a lot of snowy white, but illustrator Wendy Edelson brings out the most vivid colors in the animals and scenery. This is a perfect book for this LONG winter we are having, and just may inspire you to take a winter walk of your own. Also a great choice for fathers to read and enjoy with their own little Pobbles!


Take a winter walk down Pobble's Way


Sweet Dreams with Pobble

The Midwest Book Review recommends Pobble’s Way as an imaginative and sweet-dream inducing bedtime book:

Beautifully written and tenderly illustrated, “Pobble’s Way” eavesdrops on an imaginative dialogue just before bedtime between a loving father and daughter in a still winter woods setting that has many hidden animal friends. “Pobble’s Way” is a great bedtime story book, especially matched to fathers and daughters. The wise, imaginative comments of the animals about Pobble’s lost pink mitten will linger sleepily in the dreamings of many children.

Read the full review and check out more Midwest Book Review picks here.

Starting to look for holiday gifts?

The Colorado Parent magazine’s Bookmarkable blog highly recommends Pobble’s Way (Simon Van Booy & Wendy Edelson):

We imagine with Pobble, Daddy, and the forest animals; we believe that something simple is more than it appears; and we know that nature is full of possibilities. I highly recommend this beautifully illustrated and narrated book and think it would make a great holiday gift.

(Read the rest of the Colorado Parent review here)

Winter is about holidays and family and of course gift-giving. But it is also about quit walks together in the snow, the warmth of home, and the light of imagination.  A gift of Pobble’s Way is all of these great winter things wrapped in one.

Maw Books reviews I Need My Monster

Maw Books blogger Natasha gives I Need My Monster a great review:

A perfect read-a-loud book and illustrations to drool over.  Seriously gorgeous illustrations.  Highly recommend that you pick I Need My Monster up.  It’s a beautifully spooky book full of monsterly fun!

Check out the full review here.

October is a spooky month, and we’re glad to have a properly spooky book to make it more fun.

Reading I Need My Monster — Aloud

Everyone has a favorite children’s book. Sometimes it’s because of the words. And sometimes it’s because of the pictures. But sometimes it’s because of how dramatically the story can be read aloud. In other words — how cool or funny do the voices of the characters in the book sound when you read them.

The Colorado Association of Libraries included I Need My Monster in their “New Storytime Favorite” list, part of a panel entitled “Do I HAVE to Do Voices? Choosing and performing picture books in storytime that will keep kids engaged, enthusiastic, and most importantly, LISTENING!”

Their title is self evident. But you don’t need to be a librarian to have fun reading I Need My Monster aloud.

Or, as C. Van Hook, an Iowa librarian  said in her review “…one of the best books I have ever seen for teens [or anyone] to read to children… The monster voices are slurpy, silly, giggly, deep and just fun to make!”

So have fun, make noises, and scare yourself silly.

MetroFamily recommends I Always, Always Get My Way

The October edition of  MetroFamily spotlights Flashlight’s I Always Always Get My Way as one of two “Books for Preschoolers” picks of the month. Metro Family, an award winning magazine for families in the Oklahoma City region, selects and reviews their favorite books for all ages monthly.

MetroFamily writes:

The story of a three-year old girl whose behavior is quite disruptive to her family will entertain your young children while teaching them a lesson about good behavior and manners.

And, in keeping with good manners, we at Flashlight would like to thank you, MetroFamily, for the good review.

A Horn Book Review

I Always, Always Get My Way
I Always, Always Get My Way

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way was positively reviewed in The Horn Book Guide 2010. “*Bouncy rhymed text and humorous pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations* follow little Emmy’s path of destruction. Mom, a first-class dupe, always comes to her rescue (“She told him to be nice to me./After all… I’m only three”), but the mishaps pile up. Though the story’s hilarity can be forced, older siblings will be satisfied by the tale’s ending.”