Thad Krasnesky at Bridgeport Schools Read Aloud

As you can see, Thad’s read aloud day was a roaring success despite his sore throat. Thad’s book, That Cat Can’t Stay, was selected to be read aloud to every first grade classroom in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The lucky first graders in one Bridgeport classroom got to hear it from Thad himself.

“Your book rhymes,” observed Lee Falcon, 6, inching close to the¬†author.

“Thanks for noticing,” Krasnesky responded, in a voice still raspy from tonsillitis surgery a week¬†earlier.

The event was covered by the Connecticut Post. You can read the entire article here.

Monster Author Amanda Noll at Washington Schools

Amanda Noll, author of I Need My Monster, will be appearing at two Washington schools in October:

She’ll be at Daffodil Valley Elementary in Sumner, Washington, on October 26th, and then at Pioneer Valley Elementary in Spanaway, Washington, on October 27th.

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