Crafts for Grandparents Day!

Even though it isn't Grandparents Day any more, it's never too late to celebrate! Join in the fun with these Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie-inspired activities from the Mommy and Me Book Club blog.

Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie by Laurie Jacobs was the featured selection this week for our book-inspired fun! I wanted to feature a book about Grandparents, in honor of Grandparents' Day this weekend in the US. And I ADORE this book. It was a new find for me this summer.

Gathering Activity: Make Hand Print Pot Holders for Grandparents
I was inspired to make these potholders with our hand prints painted on them from an idea on saw at Second Grade Sparkle.

Materials Needed:
Fabric solid colored pot holders
fabric paint, coordinating ribbon
copies of the poem to attach to the pot holders printed on cardstock
hole punch

We attached a great poem I discovered at Kindergarten Rocks! Make sure you go there to see all of the words! We will mail these (or hand deliver these) to our grandparents since the next Sunday is Grandparents' Day in the US.

Circle Time

*We read Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie by Laurie A. Jacobs.
This is a delightful book about a grandma who comes to babysit for the evening.  She brings a bag full of fun and for each activity, Grandma Tillie changes clothes and becomes a very fun and very silly character.    For playtime, she wears a pink wig and pretends to be Tillie Vanilly who can stand on one foot and say the alphabet backwards, tell jokes, juggle and dance the Conga.  For dinner she is Chef Silly Tillie who wears a lampshade hat and makes yummy food.  At bath time she transforms into Madame Frilly Tillie who gives them glamorous makeovers during a bubble bath.    But at bedtime, their REAL grandmother comes to tuck them in and read them stories.

My children love this book. It was actually in the top 5 of their favorites from this summer.  I love the portrayal of a Grandmother who is fun and playful.  I love the sweet relationship the girls share with their Grandmother.  I love the illustrations, too!  They are delightful.  And I LOVED sharing it with our little Mommy and Me friends today.

*We sang a fun song about families.  “We are a happy family.”
*Then each of the children took turns sharing the special names they call their grandparents.
*We did the Conga to the kitchen for our next activity!

Art Activity: Tissue Paper Hats

In the story, Grandma Tillie wears several large and colorful hats.  Of course we had to make our own.  While searching for a poem to go with the handprints, I also found this great idea for hats at Kindergarten Rocks!  What a fun site!  Please go there for a complete tutorial.

Supplies needed: several sheets of colorful tissue paper, heavy brown package paper, tape, ribbons, glue, materials to decorate the hats

 Creating a customized fit!After finding the perfect fit, the children decorated with stickers, markers, and tissue paper.
We trimmed the edges of our boy hats to make them look more like Grandpa Fishing Hats.  I think they turned out so cute!
Snack: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Pickles,  and Chocolate Milk with Straws
In the story, Chef Silly Tillie makes the children Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  She gives them pickles and chocolate milk.  Of course our little ones were inspired to blow bubbles in their milk, just like the children in the story.  So we made sure to give them extra tall cups with VERY little chocolate milk in the bottom.  They did an excellent job blowing bubbles until they reached the top, sipping some, and blowing again.  Believe it or not, we had ZERO chocolate milk spills!
Lampshade Relay- As Chef Silly Tillie, Grandma wore a lampshade on her head.  We used these two fabric baskets and pretended they were lampshades.  We allowed them to take turns running with the lamp shade on their head.  They returned and gave another friend a turn.   (Some of the children enjoyed this more than others).
Bubble Bins- As Madame Frilly Tillie, Grandma gives the girls a bubble bath.  I created 3 bubble bins for the children.  I included measuring cups, sponges, and small animals they washed with the sponges.  The children played for 30 minutes past Mommy and Me time, just enjoying the sensory bubble play.

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